Campaigns Making an Impact

City of Clinton - 2020 Flood Relief

Get Involved Company

In early 2020, the City of Clinton wa...

Portland Mission Trip

Retreat Missions

Gallery of Memories

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The Bob Klein Breaking Clays for Kids - ...

Family Service Association of NEPA

Our Building Campaign - Vic's Story

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As a lic...

There's Room On The Tour Bus-thea

Backstage Chats Foundation

There's Room On The Tour Bus!

Backstage Chats Foundation

Missouri Mission Trip

Retreat Missions

Golf Tournament

Get Involved Company

Come joi...

Yountville Veterans Home Beautification ...

Solano - Napa Habitat for Humanity



Teacher Appreciation Raffle

Regina Mater




Maternity Leave for Mounika

hearts for teachers

Louisville, KY 2nd Mission Trip

Retreat Missions



These campaigns were created by Campaigners who became involved with some really great organizations.

1. The organization created the campaign template.

2. The Campaigners personalized it and then sent it out to family and friends.

3. The Campaigners receive points for the good they are doing with points they can use to shop for goods at the Organization store.

4. Check out the Campaigns or go to the Organization page to find a cause or event you can help!