All-In-One Campaigns
Helping the crowd get involved with your cause
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Empower the crowd to help you fundraise, recruit volunteers, collect items, and generate awareness for your cause.

Individuals and nonprofits use our crowdsourcing campaign software to online fundraise, recruit volunteers, and organize events. We guide you seamlessly through the setup. You’re in charge—you specify what you need and then let your supporters help you accomplish it.

Individuals: create fund me campaigns and receive donations online. Or sell tickets to fundraising events. Set up is free and your online fundraising or event campaign only takes seconds to launch.

Nonprofits: create campaign templates and let your supporters personalize and share with their friends, family, and colleagues. Through gamification and recognition, your supporters are rewarded for the actions they take on your behalf. They can even exchange virtual points for items in your Get Involved Store.

Better than just fundraising—all-in-one, crowdsourcing campaigns help you get more good done.

Here's how it works...

You have something good that needs to get done but you can't do it all yourself.

1. Click here to set up your organization and a few campaign templates.

2. Reach out to your go-to people for help: friends, family and colleagues.

3. They personalize the template and make it their own campaign. They reach out to their connections.

    More people help. More good gets done.

It's fun, easy, and even rewarding to get good things done. Click here to learn more.

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