Get Involved Company – Helpful Things for You to Know

What is Get Involved?

We help more people do good by creating all-in-one campaign software that makes it fun, easy, and rewarding to get involved. Our campaigns let you ask for everything you need--wish list items, volunteering, donations, and social sharing—all in one place!

How does it work?

Is it just us, or do you see the same people signing up to help each time? Well, our software makes it fun and rewarding for them to help get other people involved, too. The process is simple: as the organization, you create a sample campaign. Then you reach out to your go-to people. This time, though, instead of them doing all of the work or donating all the items, they use your campaign to create mini campaigns to reach out to their go-to people for help. And those people reach out to their family and friends. And so on and so on.

Now you have multiple people helping. We think that's better!

How is it rewarding?

You got us! We say, it's fun, easy, and rewarding to get involved. For your go-to people create mini campaigns, our software gives them points for taking actions. You decide how many points they get—like, 20 points for sending the campaign link to 5 friends or 50 points for signing up volunteers. And, if you decide to, you can even let your campaigners exchange points for your tchotchkes or other gifts right from your campaign site. How cool is that?

How can I get started?

You can sign up quickly and easily. Whether you have one event or multiple needs throughout the year, we can help!

Once you set up your organization, our software helps you create a sample campaign. Through an easy workflow, we'll ask you if you need any volunteers and if so, how many, where, and when. We'll ask if you need any wish list items and where and when they can be dropped off or picked up. And, we'll ask about your fundraising and social sharing goals.

Then, you'll tell your go-to people.

Just as easily, your go-to people can become campaigners on behalf of your cause, event, or need. Using workflows (which we love!), we walk your campaigners through an easy step-by-step process to make your campaign feel like their own. They have the option to choose their background images and customize the messages for their own friends.

And, we give them tools to share their mini campaigns with their family, friends, and colleagues via social networks and email right from the campaign page.

Can my campaigns be accessed from my Web site?

Yes! Visitors to your site can access your campaigns directly from your Web site. Our software generates an URL to include in your Web site navigation. You can even pick the colors of your campaign pages to reflect your branding.

Don’t have a Web site? That’s okay, you can use ours and send the links to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Who can use Get Involved?

Anyone who wants to get more people involved and get good done! Nonprofits, PTAs and PTOs, Boosters, Neighborhood groups, corporate philanthropists, city and state groups, and more. Contact us if you have more questions.

Who are the people behind Get Involved?

We're a group of really nice people who want to help get more people involved in doing good. Check out our story on how we got started on our About Us page.

How much does it cost to use Get Involved?

Our pricing is really simple. It costs $149.99 per month to use our software. Only want to use once? You can do that, too. Just choose the one-time plan. If you raise funds, we have a 7% fee that helps us help more people. We think that’s fair and hope you do, too. There's also a fee from PayPal for using their payment processor.

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