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ACTS Retreats

ACTS Missions supports those bringing...

Get Involved Company

Get Involved Company is on a mission ...

Family Service Association of NEPA

. . . . . A Gift of Time . . . . .

The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation

Texas Ramp Project Austin Travis County

Solano - Napa Habitat for Humanity

Our Mission is bringing people togeth...

Regina Mater

hearts for teachers

Providing a quality education fo...

These organizations have something good that needs to get done.

1. They are using our all-in-one campaign software to create campaign templates.

2. Then the organizations reached out to supporters to campaign on their behalf.

3. The Campaigners personalized the campaign, sent it out to family and friends, and helped get more good done.

4. These Campaigners are awarded points for the good they are doing with points they can redeem at the Organization's "Swag" store.

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