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As vitally important as raising funds, helping us get the word out about Mounika's Maternity leave needs and the hearts for teachers initiative is crucial as well.

As more people get involved, we will be able to help more teachers like Mounika in rural india.

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Launched nearly a year ago, the Little Angels Service Team's hearts for teachers initiative is devoted to helping struggling teachers in rural India, like Mounika Bellum, earn a living wage. 

Before hearts for teachers responded to this immense need, the teachers made only $65 a month (often less than a day laborer in the fields).

Today, hearts for teachers currently raises funds for 13 teachers at St. Joseph's School, located in the small village of Pedda Kottala. The teachers receive a $50 monthly bonus on payday. This modest increase in their salary powerfully impacts the teachers' lives, enabling them to pay for basic necessities like food, housing, and medicine.

hearts for teachers' vision is to support teachers at additional schools by 2020. We welcome you to join our mission and are deeply grateful for your support. 

Providing a quality education for the marginalized children in India we support depends on the ability of the schools the children attend to hire and retain excellent teachers. In recognition of the critical role teachers play in helping these very poor children in rural India complete their education, the Little Angels Service Team, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, launched Hearts for Teachers. Hearts for Teachers' mission is to LIFT UP BOTH STUDENTS AND TEACHERS as we continue to build a solid foundation for educational success in the communities we serve. 


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